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A world of wearable art for her, for him, for the soul:
promoting world peace through cultural awareness.

Merry's dressing area, featuring Bedouin-style tents

Fashion with Passion * Accessories * Treasures
From Faraway Lands


A model wearing Moroccan clothes from Merry's (courtesy AfroStyle Magazine)

Two models wearing Moroccan clothes from Merry's (courtesy AfroStyle Magazine)     A model wearing tribal Pakistani and Bedouin clothes from Merry's (courtesy AfroStyle Magazine)
Images from photoshoot featuring clothing and accessories from Merry's courtesy of AfroStyle Magazine.

* Shop in the exotic atmosphere of an Eastern bazaar.

* Fairly-traded, sweatshop-free fashions and accessories for women and men, supporting indigenous artisans from Morocco, Pakistan, Egypt, India, Nepal, Turkey, Kenya, Afghanistan, Mongolia and beyond: boho-chic, traditional, and culturally-inspired tops, skirts, dresses, men's shirts, harem pants, outerwear, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, tribal jewelry, scarves, hats, shoes, kaftans, kurtas, dashikis, gandoras, tunics, and so much more!

* Moroccan tops, skirts, pants, and dresses in the style and spirit of Laise Adzer: hand-woven, cut, and sewn by women in Morocco from the same genuine sousdi fabric that inspired her.

* Funky men's and women's fashions from Nepal, handmade in the Himalayas in an avalanche of styles and colors (including tie-dye!).

* Authentic Egyptian basalt statuary and figures.

* Vintage tribal jewelry, made and traded by the nomads of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

* African and African-inspired fashions for men and women, including dashikis, kaftans, mudcloth, Ethiopian scarves and shawls, and more.

* Authentic Tibetan hand-hammered singing bowls, meditation thincha bells, and bell and dorje sets.

* A wide selection of unique, handmade purses and scarves from around the world.

* Hand-tooled, hand-painted water buffalo leather purses from India featuring bold images of folk dancers, villagers, animals, henna patterns, and more.

* Bollywood-style jewelry from India.

* Hand-embroidered throws, tapestries, and bedspreads from around the world.

* Mongolian batik tapestries and wall hangings based on ancient Silk Road cave paintings.

* Oya (Turkish lace) scarves and chokers from Turkey.

* Vintage and tribal wall hangings from India, Pakistan, and Niger, plus Egyptian hand-painted metal and leather wall art.

* A curated selection of belly dance separates, costumes, accessories, hip sashes, coin jewelry, and bellydance-inspired fashion: perfect for dancing, or "just because"!

* Handmade Peruvian rings, hand jewelry, earrings, necklaces, and more, including earrings made from organic materials like fish scales, pumpkin skin, bull horn, and more.

* A bevy of big boho belts, handmade in Morocco from authentic Moroccan leather.

A photo of a Press-Telegram newspaper box, with Merry's on the front page
As seen in The Press-Telegram:
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"Long Beach Business Merry's is a Fashion Oasis of Cultural Awareness" (Online Edition)

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THANK YOU LONG BEACH for voting us your #1 clothing store! (The Beachcomber newspaper)

There's always so much new to see at Merry's!

AFRICAN CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES ARE HERE: African and African-inspired dashikis, kaftans, accessories, hats, and authentic Mali mud cloth scarves with trade bead fringe!

INSPIRING ARTWORK including an 8-foot-tall, two-panel painting of Cleopatra (oil on wood) by Egyptian artist Fadia, and ancient Aramaic lettering (oil and vintage Bible leaf decoupage on wood) from Danny Hughes' "The 72 Names of God" series.

FROM PAKISTAN AND AFGHANISTAN: Authentic vintage tribal jewelry from the nomadic Kuchi people.

MORE AUTHENTIC EGYPTIAN STATUES! Genuine made-in-Egypt cultured basalt statues are getting harder and harder to find, and we're thrilled to have received a BIG new shipment of them! Featuring figures straight from ancient Egyptian mythology and history-- many of them museum replicas-- these statues are available in a variety of sizes and price points, perfect for taking home a part of the majesty, mystery, and magic of the Age of the Pharaohs!

BUFFALO SANDALS FROM INDIA! Whether you call them water buffalo leather sandals, Jesus sandals, or hippie sandals, you'll flashback to the '70s in these handmade rustic classics from India: ask Merry how to put them in water for a custom fit!

THE ARABIC-STYLE DESERT SCARVES are back again at last in a variety of checkered colors!

MORE HIMALAYAN FASHIONS FOR MEN AND WOMEN! New shipment from Nepal with LOTS of men's ethnic shirts (including Chinese style, Tibetan styles, hoodies, and more), plus a new variety of harem pants and baggy pants for men and women, including tribal prints, crochet, and tie-dye!

NOTHING SAYS FUN IN THE SUN LIKE A NEW "CONVERTIBLE"! Turn it this way, it's a blousey gypsy top... turn it that way, it becomes a pair of tribal-print harem pants? Handmade in the Himalayas, clever, whimsical and tons of fun, you won't quite believe it 'till you see it!

Our Afghanistan tribal earrings and Moroccan Magic Dress are back, along with SO MUCH MORE!

* More Moroccan tops, skirts, harem pants, and dresses, made of authentic sousdi fabric in the style and spirit of Laise Adzer (EVEN MORE just in!)
* A treasure trove of vintage tribal necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, pendants, rings, coins, and more from the nomads of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India
* Jaipuri and tribal skirts and pants from India
* Pashminas and velvet burnout fringed ponchos from India
* Traditional Indian cotton kurtas and skirts
* Peruvian bracelets, hand jewelry, and rings
NEW The embroidered Moroccan men's shirts are back!
NEW HUGE NEW SHIPMENT of our authentic Egyptian basalt statues: King Tut, Nefertiti, Anubis, Horus, Bastet cats, and more (plus Egyptian alabaster, too)
NEW The buffalo sandals are just in from India!
NEW MEN'S AND WOMEN'S FASHIONS FROM NEPAL! Just in from the Himalayas: LOTS more men's ethnic shirts (including Chinese style, Tibetan styles, hoodies, and more), plus a variety of harem pants and baggy pants for men and women, including tribal prints, crochet, and tie-dye
* AND MORE-- the store is filled to the brim!

2747 E. Broadway
Long Beach, California
(Three short blocks from the beach, between Temple and Molino)
562-987-4363 /

An easy drive from Los Angeles or Orange County-- click here for a map!

Tuesday ~ Saturday 11ish to 6ish
And Sunday Noonish to 5ish
(Closed Monday)

Photo of Humphrey the camel

Come visit Humphrey, the life-sized rusty metal camel sculpture-- when he's outside, we're open!

Merry's is a retail store only-- sorry, due to the nature of our often one-of-a-kind items, we can't do web orders!